Hagebeek gets qualification points for European Championships Taekwondo!

boyd 3rd in group of finals

Saturday the 18th of March 519 participants gathered in Lommel, Belgium to fight for the most important tournament of the year: the G-1 38th Belgian Open.
This is by far the tournament to get points and therefore qualifications to participate in the European championships in June to be held in Serbia.
The challenge for all competitors is to be the best of the (national) team they represent and get a highest ranking they can get.
Dutch National team member Boyd Hagebeek represented the Taekwondo Academy Gyeong-rye of the Hague.
He had to compete in a group of 47 competitors, a mission impossible.
Together with his rival Teun van Otterdijk he was the only Dutch member.
Other competitors came from Hungary, Taiwan, Scandinavia and most of the western and southern countries of Europe.
After the first round 24 competitors entered the semi finals.
Boyd did and Teun van Otterdijk (who beated Boyd 2 weeks ago in another international competition) did not make it to the finals. Boyd managed to pass the semi finals and faced the best internationals in the finals. Boyd eventually got the 7th place and kicked out 40 strong competitors! T
he result is that Boyd gathered necessary points to participate in the European championships.
We sincerely hope he will take part in it!

In the ladies class Cailyn Kaslim, also a member of the national team and member of Gyeong-rye had to compete in a group of 40 women who represented many strong fighters of a wide diversity of European countries.
Unfortunately Cailyn did not succeed the finals.

Thanks to their trainers and coaches Franklin MacGillavry and Niels Oskam!

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