We are a small non commercial society in The Hague and we focus on absolute beginners as well as advanced graduates up to (inter)national competition.
There is men as well as women participation. Our youngest member is 6 and the oldest is 58. We have a friendly, well experienced and Dutch/English speaking instructor team, graduated up to 7th Dan black belt.
Our society is recognized by the Taekwondo Bond Nederland (approved by  the IOC), the World Taekwondo Federation. We are a non commercial society.

Taekwondo is a dynamic and fast growing martial art, a stylistic Olympic sport and is mainly based on kicking techniques and is known for its large variety of kicks. It is the way to get control of your body and mind, develop respect and gain self- confidence. It is all in one. Taekwondo can be practiced at all levels.

The best motive to join us: it is an enjoyable way of practising a versatile sport.
You want to give it a try or just want to take a look how things are going? You are most welcome to participate a lesson without any obligation.
(people only come they barely leave…!!!)

Further information:
E-mail:  info @



Monday 18.45 - 19.45 hrs Youth till 12 years old
19.45 - 21.15 hrs 4th geup and higher (blue belt and higher) above 15 years
Tuesday 18.45 – 20.00 hrs Youth (6 years – 12 years)
Wednesday 19.15 – 20.45 hrs Blue belt & higher. All ages.
Thursday 19.00 - 20.00 hrs Juniors
  20.00 - 21.00 hrs Seniors
Friday 18.30 – 19.45 hrs Youth (6-12 years old) beginners
  19.45 – 21.15 hrs Poomsea training 7th geup and higher.

On Monday and Wednesday there is special attention by one of the 5th Dan trainers for the candidates who want to participate in national black-belt examinations.

Day Location
Monday : Isabellaland 259
Tuesday Princes Carolinalaan 1 (Leidschendam), tram 2
Wednesday Isabellaland 259
Thursday Johannes Bildersstraat 11 (entrance Neuhuyskade) bus 18
Friday Walenburg 25 (Mariahoeve, the Hague), bus 24

Take a look at our website for the detailed maps of these locations
You can also contact the trainers for further information about the lessons :

Training: Trainer in charge: E-mail: Phone:
Monday Ed Boers ed 06-81813282
Tuesday Marc Leliveld marc 06-25085517
Wednesday Ed Boers ed 06-81813282
Thursday Ed Boers ed 06-81813282
Friday Franklin Mac Gillavry franklin 06-22165801

They are most willing to supply any information about the lessons.

Costs: Our focus is Taekwondo, so our fees are one of the lowest anywhere:
Participating once a week € 22.50 per month ½-year amount: € 112.50
Participating twice or more a week € 25  per month ½-year amount: € 125.00
Entrance fee membership € 5 only once

Payments are accepted twice a year, each containing 5 months in advance:
Sept – January    To be paid before the end of August
Febr. – June        To be paid before the end of January

Our Board as well as the trainers don’t prefer cash payments, so please transfer the fees to our bank account no. NL17INGB0003385111
in the name of Gyeong-rye, the Hague.
During the vacation (July, August) no fees will be charged.
In case of leaving: restitution of the prepayments minus one month (term of notice)

National Taekwondo Leage
Our society has joined the Taekwondo Bond Nederland. If you have the intention to participate in competition or you goal is to join examinations and get certified and recognized degrees becoming a member is compulsory.

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