M.i.v. 29.09.2010 is er geen publiek toegestaan i.v.m. verscherpte regels Corona-virus van het RIVM, gemeente Den Haag/Voorburg/L’dam en NOC/NSF.
Ouders wordt gevraagd niet de kleedkamers te betreden en in de hal te blijven.

Het taekwondo-team Gyeong-rye

As of 29.09.2010 no public is allowed due to stricter rules for the Corona virus of the RIVM, the municipality of The Hague / Voorburg / L’dam and NOC / NSF.
Parents are asked not to enter the dressing rooms and to stay in the hall.

The taekwondo team Gyeong-rye

Ageun-Son Worging grip with the “tiger hand” to the throat 9
Mooreup Keokki Defense with the hand against Ap Chagi. One hand is placed underneath the lower part of the leg, whereas the other hand attacks the knee. 9
Jageun Dolcheogi A ready stance, both hand are close to the left or right hip 5
Keun Dolcheogi A ready stance; almost the same as  Jageun Dolcheogi, but in this case the distance between both fists is larger, one fists in placed on chest height. 10
Gyopson Crossed hands in front of the groin, commonly performed in Moa Seogi. 12