M.i.v. 29.09.2010 is er geen publiek toegestaan i.v.m. verscherpte regels Corona-virus van het RIVM, gemeente Den Haag/Voorburg/L’dam en NOC/NSF.
Ouders wordt gevraagd niet de kleedkamers te betreden en in de hal te blijven.

Het taekwondo-team Gyeong-rye

As of 29.09.2010 no public is allowed due to stricter rules for the Corona virus of the RIVM, the municipality of The Hague / Voorburg / L’dam and NOC / NSF.
Parents are asked not to enter the dressing rooms and to stay in the hall.

The taekwondo team Gyeong-rye

Ap Koobi Seogi    Tall stance (leaning the the front) 1
Dwit Koobi Seogi Short stance, feet in a 90 degrees angle (leaning backward) 3
Moa Seogi Closed stance 7
Naranhi Seogi Parallel stance 1
Joochoom Seogi   Horseback riding stance 7
Ap-Joochoom Seogi Horseback riding stance with both feet 45 degrees turned to the left or right
Ap Seogi Walking (short) stance 1
Haktari Seogi Crane sance 5
Koa Seogi Crossed stance Kruisstand 5
Mikeurembal    Fast movement of the body by shifting both feet simultaneously 15
Pyonhi Seogi Open stance (in fact a Naranhi Seogi, but both feet twisted 45 degrees to the outer)
Oen Seogi Naranhi Seogi with the right foot turned 90 degrees to the right 5
Oreun Seogi Same, fully reversed
Mo-Joochoom Seogi Horseback riding stance, one foot has been placed forward with the length of one foot.
Modeumbal Quite slow movement of the body, closing the feet (Moa Seogi) 7
Beom Seogi   Cat stance 7
A stance is called ‘Oreun’(direction to the right) of ‘Oen’ (direction to the left) depending on the importance of one of the both legs. Clues for the most important leg:  
a) Front leg: Ap Koobi Seogi, Ap Seogi en Mo-Joochoom Seogi;
b) Back leg: Dwit Koobi Seogi, Pyonhi Seogi en Beom Seogi:
c) The leaning back: Haktari Seogi en Koa Seogi.
F.i. If you put your right lef in front in an Ap Koobi Seogi, ,Ap Seogi en Dwit Koobi Seogi than the complete name is: Oreun Ap Koobi Seogi,Oreun Ap Seogi,BUT Oen Dwit Koobi Seogi!
Koa Seogi : Ap Koa Seogi Crossing in front of the leaning leg
Dwit Koa Seogi: Crossing behind the leaning leg 5