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We are a small non-commercial society in The Hague and we focus on absolute beginners as well as advanced graduates up to (inter)national competition.
There is men as well as women participation. Our youngest member is 6 and the eldest is 58.
We have a friendly, well experienced and Dutch/English speaking instructor team, graduated up to 7th Dan black belt.

Our society is recognized by the National Taekwondo Bond Federation (approved by  the IOC), the World Taekwondo Federation.

Taekwondo is a dynamic and fast growing martial art, a stylistic Olympic sport and is mainly based on kicking techniques and is known for its large variety of kicks.
It is the way to get control of your body and mind, develop respect and gain self- confidence.
It is all in one.
Taekwondo can be practiced at all levels.

We are specialized in Poomsae competition and Dan-examinations.
Franklin MacGillavry (6th dan) intensively prepares candidates who want to pass the national exam. Please be aware of the fact that the National Dan exams in the Netherlands are of a far higher level than f.i. in the USA or Asia.
He also guides and trains participants in (inter)national Poomsae competition.
Over the past years Gyeong-rye acquired a leading position in this area.
Our head teacher is very closely involved in the determination of the national black belt exam requirements and how the examiner looks upon the performance of the candidate.

With a few exceptions, each participant of Gyeong-rye succeeds at once, while the rate of successors in the Netherlands is usually less than 50%.
Over the recent years, teachers, trainers and high degrees from other schools found their way to us in preparation for Poomsae competition and national Dan-examens.
These "guests" prove that quality requirements are important in their own school, for which Gyeong-rye has a lot of respect.