Met ingang van maandag 7 juni kunnen ALLE leeftijden weer binnen trainen en hervatten wij alle avonden weer volgens onze vaste trainingstijden.

LET OP: Door Covid worden de gymzalen van het Maerlant als klaslokaal gebruikt (i.v.m. de tijdelijke voorschriften voor klasverkleining).
Alle trainingen op de maandag, donderdag en vrijdag vinden daarom tijdelijk plaats in onze Mariahoeve-locatie:
Isabellaland 259, 2591SG Den Haag


Starting Monday the 7th of June ALL ages are allowed to train in the gym again and we will continue our trainings according to our regular schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid restrictions the gyms of the Maerlant are used as a classroom till the end of the season), but fortunately we have an alternative temporarily solution:  All training on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays will take place in our Mariahoeve location: Isabellaland 259, 2591SG The Hague.

We wish you a warm welcome to the Taekwondo Academy Gyeong-rye in the Hague.
Please pay attention to some important rules:

After some trial lessons you can become a member of our society. Of you want to do so, you have to fill in the membership form completely and hand it over to one of the teachers. By handing it over, you agree to our rules and the committments.

Membership National Taekwondo Federation (TBN)
Our school is associated with the TBN (Taekwondo Bond Nederland). Our membership no. is TV110170. This federation is responsible for organizing championships, events and national black belt exams. Every member of our school has to apply for an individual membership of the TBN. In that way all the exams that you will pass in our school are generally recognized. Apart from that you have to be a 3 year member to apply for black belt or a higher dan degree.

Every member is allowed to participate in the groups that provide lessons for their age/graduation.
The fee differs, depending on the number of lessons you want to have per week. Fee is charges for 5 months ahead (Aug till Jan and Feb till June). The lessons in July are free of charge.
You can find the schedule of the lessons on our website.

Masters / teachers
All lessons are under supervision of recognized teachers.
You can find info about the teachers is the schedule and in the chapter ‘Trainers and officials’.

Twice a year exams are conducted, mostly in January and July.

Ending your membership
You can end your membership by announcing it in accordance with a notice period of one month. You can do this by registered mail or sending an Message to our administration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Be aware that you get a confirmation of the administration. Usually you get this in 5 days. After that, your membership has been ended.