M.i.v. 29.09.2010 is er geen publiek toegestaan i.v.m. verscherpte regels Corona-virus van het RIVM, gemeente Den Haag/Voorburg/L’dam en NOC/NSF.
Ouders wordt gevraagd niet de kleedkamers te betreden en in de hal te blijven.

Het taekwondo-team Gyeong-rye

As of 29.09.2010 no public is allowed due to stricter rules for the Corona virus of the RIVM, the municipality of The Hague / Voorburg / L’dam and NOC / NSF.
Parents are asked not to enter the dressing rooms and to stay in the hall.

The taekwondo team Gyeong-rye

One of the exam requirements is knowledge of the Korean names of techniques.
Even in Korea different names are used for several techniques , so for the translation of the nomenclature in English, we have used the WTF-names that are commonly used.
For every technique, the phonetic writing is indicated in parentheses.

The fist form that contains a specific technique has been indicated in red