M.i.v. 29.09.2010 is er geen publiek toegestaan i.v.m. verscherpte regels Corona-virus van het RIVM, gemeente Den Haag/Voorburg/L’dam en NOC/NSF.
Ouders wordt gevraagd niet de kleedkamers te betreden en in de hal te blijven.

Het taekwondo-team Gyeong-rye

As of 29.09.2010 no public is allowed due to stricter rules for the Corona virus of the RIVM, the municipality of The Hague / Voorburg / L’dam and NOC / NSF.
Parents are asked not to enter the dressing rooms and to stay in the hall.

The taekwondo team Gyeong-rye

This pattern symbolizes a mountain. We should stop when we should go on when must. Moving and stopping should match with time in order to achieve things.

A mountain never moves. Man must learn this stability like a mountain. We should not act hastily or push too hard. This principle is well adapted to Taekwondo. Through fast actions seem fine, we should know where and when to stop. The stance Beom Seogi (Cat Stance) is included because it is very stable, yet still allows us free movement.